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David McCallum Fans!
This site is a tribute to our beloved "Ducky" without whom NCIS

and Tuesdays would not be the same.
David 14.5.204 CBS Upfronts.

CBS Upfront -14.5.2014

Season 12 BHTS

NCIS cast What they do when they aren't filming.

2nd annual S.E.T. Awards & CBS 2013

Ducky's (NCIS) fan site Home - Ducky's (NCIS) fan siteDucky's (NCIS) fan site Home - Ducky's (NCIS) fan site

During the time in Afghanistan days, various agencies were spying and torturing innocent people. Dr. Mallard was in such a camp at that time. He had never forgotten the torment there, and had always regretted his part in being a bringer of death. Not a memory to be proud of, but at that time, a necessity for those who needed the relief from living. He had surrendered himself regarding what was considered a war crime of the Geneva Convention. He was duly released after further considerations and Gibbs took him home.
"You know Jethro, without your help and friendship, I would be a broken man. A man without wings to still be able to fly upwards with some self respect and dignity. Thank you for your dedication and friendship ," said Ducky.
Gibbs put his hand on Ducky's shoulder and gave it a gentle motion.
"My pleasure Ducky. I believe our friends are those quiet angles who help one another in times of need. They lift us back onto our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly. I have had friends like that too, when I have needed them the most...you are one of them Ducky," said Gibbs.
The two men hugged. Tears trickled down Ducky's face, but he turned and wiped them away. Gibbs got the whisky bottle and 2 glasses.
"Game of chess?" asked Ducky.
"Sure, why not," said Gibbs.
They went outside with the two corgies, Cooper and Camomile. As Ducky set up the chess game a dove landed on the table beside them. Cooper and Camomile ran towards it, but the bird just sat there.
"Doves always symbolize peace," said Ducky, now smiling. "You know they used pidgins during the earlier wars to carry messages."
The dove then began to coo and coo rather loudly.
"It seems this bird has a pigeon English message for you Ducky," laughed Gibbs. "I reckon it's telling you that immortality lies not only in the things you have done with your life, but for what you have done for other people in their lives."
"That's very kind of you to say so Jethro," Ducky replied.
The dove cooed louder and louder.
"Oh, he's certainly giving me the tweetment then," laughed Ducky.
The dove then flew off towards a rainbow in the sky.
...Somewhere over the rainbow, many spirited lights glow...

By Bellswebster.
S4 Ep. 15 - Friends and Lovers.
"However women normally hide poison in food not drinks."
"That would explain why my last ex wife spent so much time in the kitchen."

1965 - THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. - S2 Ep.1 - The Alexander the Great Affair Part 1:
Mr. Karvon: What do think of the human condition?
Illya: "I'm in favour of it."


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David McCallum

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The Billionair - Matlock Police.
The Many Faces of David McCallum photos.
The Many Faces of David McCallum

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