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SEASON 3 - continued - 2005.

Episode 24 - HIATUS 2.
Director Shepard tells the NCIS team that Gibbs will be OK. but Gibbs has lost his memory and doesn't remember anything that happened to him for the last 15 years. Director Shepard tells Tony he is in charge of the case, but wonders if Tony has as much guts as Gibbs. After Jenny leaves, Tony wonders about what she said.
Gibbs and the doctor are talking and the doctor asks him what the last thing he remembers is. But Gibbs doesn't reply; he begins having more memory flashes.
Hiatus 2
Ducky and Jenny are talking about Gibbs and his daughter. Ducky says that's impossible because he knew all of his three wives. Jenny shows him that Gibbs and his first wife had an 8-year old daughter called Kelly; they were both murdered. While Gibbs was in Desert Storm, Shannon witnessed Pedro Hernandez shooting a marine and a NIS agent was assigned to protect her. He was shot by a sniper and the three of them were killed in the car crash. Ducky wondered if Hernandez was ever caught, but Jenny said no. He fled to Mexico and NIS tried to extradite, but the Mexican authorities claimed they could never find him and it is in the NCIS cold case files. Ducky told her to close it because Jethro would follow the killer to hell and back.
Hiatus 2
The doctor and Jenny are discussing Gibbs’ condition. Gibbs is trying to see what has been happening in the past 15 years by watching television. Jenny tells the doctor that Gibbs actually hates television. She suggests in contacting Gibbs friend and retired agent Michael Franks who worked on Shannon and Kelly's case years ago. She contacts Franks, but at first he isn't interesting in helping her until she mentions the name Leroy Jethro Gibbs.
Hitaus 2
Jenny has a talk with Gibbs and shows him a picture of PinPin Pula. Gibbs becomes nervous and he starts to panic and crying that he just wants Shannon and Kelly.
Mike Franks arrives and talks to Gibbs about when he was a Probie and how he use to call him Probie. A nurse comes in and tells Gibbs he can't go for a steak as he hasn't finished his jello.
But Gibbs goes outside with Mike Franks and begins eating a steak and chips. Mike talk about his life, his house in Mexico and some frightening facts about 9/11 that makes Gibbs throw up his food in a bin. Gibbs says that the nurse was right...he wasn't ready for a steak.

Hiatus 2 Hiatus 2 ..jenny rings franks about Gibbs.
Ziva pays Gibbs a visit and she forces him to remember things about his work. She takes his hand and slaps herself on the back of the head. Gibbs starts to remember about Kate and Ari.
Hiatus 2Hiatus 2
Ducky and Palmer discover something interesting and call the team to look at it. The discovery was that Abog Galib was stuffed in the barrel and his neck was slashed and his cervical vertebrae was cut.
Hiatus 2 Hiatus 2
Gibbs returns to NCIS but makes it clear to everyone that he has his memory back. He tells Jenny and Dean Welsh that PinPin Pula will blow up Cape Fear, but Welsh doesn't believe him. Gibbs yells at him and leaves the room, and as he does so, a boat explodes.
Gibbs is talking to Jenny about him being wrong. He was angry when Mike quit back then...and he didn't understand how he could...until now. Gibbs goes to his desk and tells Tony that the team is his now and he says to McGee that he is a good agent, and he shouldn't let Tony tell him otherwise. Gibbs kisses a teary Abby on the cheek and tells Ziva that he owes her. Gibbs asks Ducky will he give him a ride home. He then stops, turns around to face his team who are now his 'past' life. He confidently says 'Semper Fi' to them all, and steps into the elevator with Ducky.
Hiatus 2 Hiatus 2

Hiatus 2 Hiatus 2

Season 4 - 2006 - 2007.
Episode 1 - SHALOM.

Original Air Date - 19 September 2006
Gibbs has settled in happily with his old mentor Mike franks on Baja Beach in Mexico. Ziva is framed for supposedly assassinating an Iranian prisoner and two F.B.I. agents. This causes concern it may bring conflict between the US and Israel governments so she goes into hiding. Out of desperation she rings Gibbs and seeks his help.
TRIVIA: BOLO means Be On The Look Out.

*****There is a secret meeting between Ducky, Palmer, Tony, Abby, and McGee. They make a pact not to tell anyone where Ziva is if asked and Palmer is shocked at the idea of having to take the risk of a long prison term if they are caught holding back information.

Shalom Shalom Shalom
Episode 2 - ESCAPED.
Original Air Date - 26 September 2006
An escaped bank robber threatens Fornell's daughter Emily if Fornell doesn't re-open his case. Fornell enlists Gibbs help to protect his family and to help catch the robber.
(CBS) Synopsis: Gibbs is forced to come back out of his retirement to help Fornell, who is being subtly threatened by a convict who escaped from prison. The convict threatens both Fornell and his daughter Emily. Gibbs and the NCIS team re-open the convicts old robbery case, and question a retired sailor who is the only one who contacted the convict after he was sent to prison. The investigation will lead the NCIS team to wonder if he has been framed.

*****Ducky reviews his notes with Palmer for his exams, and for his degree in forensic psychology. He can then add the psychological autopsy to his medical degree.
Escaped Escaped Escaped Escaped
Episode 3 - SINGLED OUT.
Original Air Date - 3 October 2006
A Lieutenant who went missing was found to have been profiling men to try to find a suitable man who would be perfect for her. Ziva goes undercover to find out more about her at a seminar that the Lieutenant was going to attend. Two girls are in a car next to one with a guy at the wheel in an SUV. One of the girls reckons he is checking them out. They want to write down his number plate, but when he drives off, they see a body covered in blood looking out the car's rear window. Later, an abandoned car full of blood is found and registered to the missing Navy Lieutenant.
Gibbs returns to NCIS from his recent bombing and leads his team again to investigate the kidnapping of the Navy
Lieutenant, who is a computer specialist. The team discovers that the Lieutenant had been using her military knowledge to profile potential husbands and was attending 'speed dating' events.They suspect that the kidnapper may continue attending the event in order to avoid suspicion. When they find out that the woman intended to go to a 'speed dating' event at a local hotel, Ziva goes undercover in the hope of identifying him. Jenny offers Tony a promotion of his own team, in Rota Spain, as a reward for his performance as team leader while Gibbs was retired, but declines, and remains in Gibbs' team. Ducky undertakes the task of going through each of the Lieutenant men's profile.

*****Ducky conducting a psychological autopsy because he now has his degree in forensic psychology.
******There is some obvious tension between Gibbs and Ducky.

Singled Out Singled Out Singled Out Singled Out

Episode 4 - FAKING IT.
Original Air Date -10 October 2006
Gibbs is assisted by his mentor Mike Franks when the NCIS team investigate a Russian arms dealer who shot an officer.
(CBS) Synopsis: After police pull over a driver and arrest him for a concealed weapon, a car crashes into their patrol car with a dead man behind the wheel. The Petty Officer in the car has written NCIS in blood on the seat. The arrested man turns out to be Russian spy and Homeland Security claim he was working for them. The Russian is linked to an old case that Mike Franks worked on. Mike comes out of retirement to put the Russian behind bars.

Faking It. Faking It Faking It Faking It.

*****Ducky giving Abby a Gibbs-style kiss on her forehead, and having to go on tippy-toes to reach it.

Original Air Date - 17 October 2006
Two women who claim to be the same Marines fiance, say they have been receiving mail from him for the past few months. When his buried body, which had been re-buried, was found dug up and left in a new house for sale, the NCIS investigate as to who killed him. They find out his identity is Lance Corporal James Finn and that he was to be deployed to Iraq but he never showed up for duty. Abby runs DNA samples on his two fiancees, Siri Albert and Rebbecca Kemp, to find out if the DNA is a match to the soil found on the dead man's body.
Dead and Unburied Dead and Unburied Dead and Unburied
Ducky tells McGee to make sure when he is taking photos of the corpse that he gets a picture of the back of the victims head. McGee and Palmer keep getting in each others way while trying to do their job but Ducky assures them there isn't any rush as its not likely the patient is going anywhere. McGee warns Ducky to be careful as the 'old' Gibbs is back. "The old Gibbs?" Ducky inquires. Gibbs arrives and orders McGee to get down on his hands and knees. McGee thinks that Gibbs is going to stand on him but gets the message that he wants him to look for footprints in the carpet. Ducky explains to them that the carpet is made of sisal which is a naturally stiff fiber made from the leaves of cactus. He then continues on about all of the qualities of this type of carpet and ends with the comment.."but personally I prefer a good shag." Gibbs, McGee, and Palmer look at him amazed and Ducky quickly adds... "from a criminal investigative standpoint."
Dead and Unburied Dead and UnburiedDead and Unburied Dead and Unburied
McGee checks the carpet but doesn't find any dirty footprints. Ducky says "it's safe to say that their friend didn't stroll in there on his own". Tony arrives with coffee and tells Gibbs he has ID'ed the body as Lance Corporal James Finn who was stationed at Quantico. Records say that Finn has been missing for six months, ever since his unit shipped out to Iraq. McGee looks to see where the body was buried. Ducky says: "It won't be far, McGee. Had the trip been longer some bits would have fallen off." McGee checks in the backyard. Ducky tells Palmer to get the gurney as there isn't anything else left for them to do there.
Ducky tells Tony that the crime scene is very tidy because it is most likely just a 'body drop.' Ducky adds: "It is a tertiary or quaternary or quinsy crime scene." Ducky points out to Tony that dirt was brushed off Finn's face. As Tony looks at the body, a bug crawls out of Finn's nose. Tony steps back making Gibbs spill his coffee. Ducky identifies the bug as a carrion beetle and places it into an evidence jar. He goes on to say that Shakespeare got it all wrong: "we are not food for worms, it's the flies and beetles that feast upon us." Ducky tells Gibbs before he can tell him anything that he will have to research the predatory manipulative grandiose nature of this killers behavior. His first thoughts though are "that we're dealing with a complete loon." Gibbs leaves. Tony says to Ducky that he is pleased that his 'Master's in Psych' is starting to pay off. The Realtor, Jody Carvell arrives and tells Ziva she showed the house yesterday and the body wasn't there then. She renovates houses bought by herself and Robert Whitehead and they share any profit. McGee finds the body's grave-site in the backyard with the body-bag still there so it and some of the soil is sent for analysis.
Dead and Unburied Dead and Unburied Dead and Unburied Dead and Unburied
Abby tells Gibbs that there was nothing in the soil analysis but sent the acidity levels to Ducky. Finns clothing was everyday - ordinary and that his underwear are boxer briefs. She then sutterly tries to find out from Gibbs what underwear he wore...maybe nothing?...
Ducky will be able determine with the results from Mr. Palmer, "how long our friend has been leaking into the top soil." Gibbs goes into autopsy and asks "How did the Lance Corporal die, Doctor?" Ducky tells him that 'the how' will take a little while and perhaps they should try for 'when.' Palmer gestures to Ducky to stall with that answer. Ducky bides the time by explaining how tricky the calculation is based on all the evidence. Gibbs says he wants a round number for an answer. Palmer comes up with 92 days with a 3 percent margin of error. It now appears that Finn deserted before he died. Ziva comes in and tells Gibbs that Finn's fiancee is upstairs as she had seen a report on the local news. Gibbs asks: "How, Doctor?" Ducky replies: "As soon as I know, you'll know" Gibbs leaves the autopsy. Things seem rather cold between Ducky and Gibbs.
Ziva and Gibbs each interview a fiancee and both insist that James is not dead and that they were receiving mail for the last 3 months. James had become engaged to Siri and 'borrowed' $30,000 for gambling debts. He told her he would be hurt if he didn't pay up. Siri didn't know who he owed the money to. Gibbs contacts Abby and tells her to do a swab on both fiancees..."Both?" says Abby. Siri is taken to autopsy and she identifies James. Tony takes Rebbecca back to her apartment and collects all of Finns stuff, but the two women meet at the elevators and get into a fight. Tony and Ziva break it up.
Gibbs strides into autopsy demanding Ducky to tell him how Finn died. Ducky is quiet and just tells him that when he knows, so will he. Ducky is working at his microscope and Gibbs leans over and tries to get him to work quicker. Ducky stands up and puts his glasses back on, and tells Gibbs that shaving off his moustache seems to have brought back his usual impatience. Ducky tells Gibbs of his theory about the cause of death. He found a fracture to the back of the skull with an epidural hematoma on the brain, but it was small and statistically only fatal in 17 percent of cases. He thought the most likely cause was done by the blunt force trauma. The should look for a baseball bat or a golf club, perhaps one that was wielded by a disgruntled fiancee. "You tell me how Ducky, I'll figure out who." Ducky watches Gibbs walk away.

Jenny and Gibbs speak with Finns CO and he tells them that Private Hagan had been mailing the letters for Finn.
Rebecca's APARTMENT.
McGee finds her shot and unresponsive beside her sofa so calls 911. A report on her condition later says she will recover. Later a gun is found between the sofa cushions and they believe it was a failed suicide attempt.
Gibbs phone rings and its Ducky who is surprised to find that he is at home. "Did you call to talk about my work hours, Dr. Mallard?" "No, Agent Gibbs." Ducky tells him he had an idea and he trimmed Finn's nasal hair and found fiberglass which was most likely inhaled from insulation. Gibbs now suspects that the house was more than a body drop. Ducky replies" the Lance Corporal is speaking softly, but he has more to say."
Palmer is cleaning up and Ducky happily commends him on his can-do attitude. He mentions gratefully the long hours he has been working. Ducky meets Agent Lee in the elevator and tells her of her long working hours. Lee tells Ducky that she is still organizing the paperwork on the Wheaton case and could she have a copy of the autopsy report. Ducky says he sent her the copy yesterday. Lee says she accidentally shredded it and Ducky tells her she needs to be more careful. "I'm sure Mr. Palmer will give you what you need." Agent Lee enters autopsy and puts down her folders. Upon her arrival, Palmer quickly turns out the lights and they passionately start to strip each other off as they fall to the floor.
Gibbs has had the owner rip up the flooring and a damp spot is found on one of the beams.
Ziva and McGee go to the storage place and as they are searching, Ziva sees a bag in the ceiling, and with the help of McGee's flashlight and shoulders, pulls it out to find it contains gold coins.
Dead and Unburied Dead and Unburied Dead and UnburiedDead and Unburied
Tony goes to Abby with the fiberglass from the crime scene and Ducky goes into autopsy as he needs to review the body since they just revisited the crime scene. Something puzzles Ducky, and Tony is feeling the same way. Tony: "Finn had two entrees and still had something for dessert. Makes me wonder if there was anything, you know, special about him." Ducky: "Like what?" Tony gives him a well...you no..nudge nudge type of look. "Oooohh, like that. Did he have extra women because he had something extra for the women," Ducky says. He opens Finn's drawer and pulls him out but Tony looks away and covers his nose and mouth. "Sadly," the first thing the maggots eat is the soft tissue." Ducky says. Tony has given Ducky an idea and he is going to re-examine the soft tissues. As Tony walks away he is coughing a little and he asks:"Ducky is there any way to psychologically to 'unsee' something?"

The gold coins amounted to $78,400 McGee traced the mint numbers and finds out they were bought in 3 batches. They assume that two were from the finance's and Finn had bought the last one. Abby rings through and says the 3rd DNA from Finns clothing was from a third female whose DNA was on the bone marrow donors database...and her name is Jody Carvell. Carvell had mentioned in front of them at the rental house that her father had just died of leukemia.
Jody is picked up and brought into interrogation and she tells Gibbs that she met Finn in a bar. She claims the same as the other two fiancees that she had a deep spiritual connection with him. She insists she didn't kill him because she loved him. Ducky comes into the interview room and he tells Ziva: "I've learned as much as I can from the dead. It's time to listen to the living." Ziva tells Ducky that she had inherited $2 million from her father. "Aahh," replied Ducky. Jody says that she and Finn had a fight and he tripped and fell hitting his head. That he fell face down onto the iinsulation. She then left and drove around for an hour before she returned. When she got back he had gone. She didn't know that he was dead. Ducky realizes that Jody is telling the truth. He boldly leaves observation and goes into tell Gibbs. He asks Gibbs if he can have a word with him. Gibbs only word in response is "Working." Ducky tells him it's important and they go out into the hall where Ducky informs him that Jody is telling the truth. Gibbs asks:"God put the body there?" Ducky replies: "No, someone who is playing God. She didn't do it." Gibbs asks Ducky's what is his gut saying. Ducky says he sees guilt, empathy, and remorse, which do not fit the psychological profile. Gibbs says he sees deceitful, conniving, and an adulteress, which does fit. Ducky says that's his professional opinion.
Dead and Unburied Dead and Unburied Dead and Unburied
Ducky asks for McGee's help as he wants to talk to Rick Carvell, and he would like McGee to tape the conversation with his new cell phone. McGee agrees and he gives Rick a bottle of water and then introduces him to Ducky. Ducky then begins to talk about the murder and McGee uses the start of the conversation to distract Rick. He then sets the recorder on his cell phone and places it discretely on the desk. "Strange, isn't it, Rick. Someone committed a murder...standard. But then they covered it up...standard. And then they uncovered it. Far from standard." says Ducky, as he circles around Rick. Rick asks Ducky if they think his wife is involved, and Ducky replies no, but that was the problem. "I tried to convince Agent Gibbs that your wife was telling the truth. I'm afraid he doesn't believe me." Rick suterley smiles but appears to feign disbelief. Ducky has the 'smile' on tape and shows Rick the evidence. "I don't know if God was watching your wife and Finn that night, but you were." Rick acts as if he doesn't know what Ducky is talking about. Ducky keeps circling him and telling him that he was the one who buried the body. Rick asks why would he do that. "Because you wanted the money. You had to wait until her father died before you could implicate her in the murder, and once they had the inheritance, you disinterred the body. Rick tells Ducky he has a vivid imagination. Ducky: "But imagination doesn't prove anything...quite right, but evidence does." Ducky replies.

Abby arrives and Ducky asks if she was able to lifted any DNA from the sweat off the handle of the shovel. Abby says it is running and she just needs to get a sample. Ducky then walks over and takes the water off Rick. He gives it to Abby and asks that she test his saliva. Rick suddenly confesses and tries to cover up Jody's murder. He says he wasn't the one to kill Finn. "That cheating b***h did" he shouts, pointing a finger at Jody who has just returned with Gibbs from the interrogation room.
McGee tells Gibbs that Rick confessed to burying the body. Jody is horrified when she hears this. Rick says that he always cleans up after her messes. He tells her he had been watching them through the window. "You watched us make love?" Jody asks. "That's not what I'd call it" he replies. Gibbs asks Rick what happened next and Rick said they had a fight, and that Jody hit him on the head, and then ran off. Jody says he's lying. Rick insists that all he did was bury the body. "I'm afraid you did a bit more than that," Ducky tells him. Rick then says he did unburying him. Ducky tells everyone in the room that a re-examination of the soft tissue revealed parochial hemorrhaging resulting in asphyxia. He then looked for signs of atelectasis which is shallow breathing caused by an obstruction. Which he found. Ducky then informs them that "Lance Corporal Finn was buried alive."
Ziva says she is sorry to have left the evidence bag of money on her desk. Gibbs tells her he took it to evidence less $60,000 as he gave Siri and Rebecca back their money. McGee is then introduced at his desk to a lady who says her name is Jessica Coleman, James Finn's fiancee.

Episode 6 - WITCH HUNT.
Original Air Date - 31 October 2006
CBS Synopsis: It's Halloween and the NCIS team is busy investigating a ransom case. A Marines daughter has been kidnapped after the kidnapper attacked a Marine in his home. The investigation leads them to a fact that the couple has been separated. They decide to focus on the wife's ex-boyfriend, after learning that the woman is the one who destroyed their marriage. Meanwhile, McGee and Tony are stunned by Abby's Halloween costume.
Witch Hunt Witch Hunt Witch Hunt Witch Hunt
A lady dressed as Cleopatra is in her house carving a pumpkin when calls of anguish and stabbing sounds are heard nearby. The house is decorated for Halloween and the lady lights a candle in the jack-o-lantern. Suddenly the front door opens and a man staggers past a Halloween program being aired on the television. He gasps and coughs as he is clutching his neck. He calls the name "Sarah" and collapses on the floor. Cleopatra sees real blood flowing from the mans neck and then realizes that this is not part of Eriks costume.

McGee arrives at the bullpen to hear Tony say how weird Halloween can be with be-headings, grave robberies and cattle mutilations. McGee does up his shirt button as he doesn't want anyone to know he is wearing costume. Tony grabs his bag and Ziva puts on the blue hat while Tony puts on the gloves. McGee admits he is going to a costume party later on dressed as a snow elf. Tony says his Ice Queen is better and McGee shows them pictures on his monitor of a Redskins cheerleader who is McGee's date.
Gibbs arrives and say "Gear up." He is unamused at the sight of his team in bits and pieces of the Elf costume to which McGee says he is going to a Halloween costume later. Gibbs says "Not any more, Elf Lord. General Custer has been shot and he has a dead skeleton in his living room." The team head out to the crime scene to where they find a trail of blood that travels across the Nile's residence and across the street to a neighbours house.
Witch Hunt Witch Hunt Witch Hunt
Ducky arrives and the van's windshield is covered in raw egg splatter. Palmer parks the van and Ducky apologizes to the team for being late. He says they were attacked by local youths. Gibbs replies, "Yeah I can see that Doctor." McGee asks if he got a good look at them and Ducky replies: "Oh we did better than that. Release the captives Mr Palmer!" A couple of teenage boys dressed as ninjas get out the back of the van. They try to apologize but Ducky hands them a spray bottle and a roll of paper toweling. Ducky says to them, "Right, clean it!." Tony congratulates Palmer, but he says it was all done by Dr. Mallard who chased them for three blocks. Ducky replies to Palmer's words," It's not that impressive. It's not like they were real Ninjas."
Witch Hunt Witch Hunt Witch Hunt Witch Hunt
The crime is investigated by the team. The name Sarah is found to be Erik Niles daughter. Ziva questions Cleopatra, while McGee is a bit spooked by a roomba that had been knocking over his evidence number tags. It had cleaned up some of the evidence. Gibbs sticks his foot in it and says to bag it. Tony checks out the house as McGee insists there is someone there.
Ducky comes back into the room and says he thinks the cause of death looks obvious, as the skeletons head was twisted a certain way, believing his neck was broken.
Ziva is asking a child about a suspicious car she saw. The boy said it was a 'kuruma' which is Japanese for car. McGee says its a Chrysler Sebring Sedan because it in a video game called "Grand Theft Auto."
Mrs. Niles comes running into the house in time to see Ducky and Palmer removing the deceased. She finds out that Sarah is missing and that the dead person isn't her husband. Mrs Niles sister Laurie is with her. An amber alert is put out when it is realized that Sarah was with her father when he was attacked. Laurie's phone rings and its Sarah in a panicked state telling them about her daddy being hurt and that she tried to call the police but a man stopped her. A mans voice then says he has Sarah and says he will call back with instructions.
Witch Hunt Witch Hunt Witch Hunt Witch Hunt
In autopsy, Ducky is cleaning off the make-up off the skeleton. He tells how the tradition of Halloween was brought over from Scotland along with the good sport of golf and curling. Tony upsets Ducky by remarking that he didn't believe that anything that uses a broom should be called a sport. Ducky replies that curling is chess on ice. You require to have good tactics, and foresight to win. Ducky took photos of the skeleton and tells McGee that the fatal blow was blunt force trauma to the head. Tony asks for an ID asap as this skeleton was the only link to Sarah.
Ducky says there are no distinguishing marks so he is at present known as a John Doe. He sent prints with Palmer to Abby's lab but she wasn't there. Palmer returns and looks sheepish. He tells them that Abby is there now and in costume.Tony asks what's it like, but Palmer says he wouldn't want to ruin the surprise.
Witch Hunt Witch Hunt Witch HuntWitch Hunt
In Abby's lab, Tony and McGee are speechless when they see Abby dressed as the blond Marilyn Munroe. Her swirling white dress is just the same as in the scene from the movie 'The 7-Year Itch'.Tony and McGee hear from Gibbs that they have a lead on a car matching the earlier description. They tell Gibbs that the skeleton has a face but no ID and the kidnappers still haven't called back. Ziva has been talking to Laurie and Mrs. Niles, but feels something is being held back. Outside, Tony & McGee talk to a zombie and are able to get a tyre impression off a smashed pumpkin where the car had radically driven. Laurie doesn't recognize the unmasked skeleton and she asks Gibbs has he ever had a daughter kidnapped which Gibbs wonders why she would say the word kidnapped. Ziva also finds no clothing belonging to Mr Niles in the wardrobe. It is then revealed that Erik broke off their engagement just before they were to marry. Laurie said she then had a fling with an old boyfriend and really had no idea who Sarah's biological father really was. Her husband found out because the old boyfriend showed up wanting a paternity test. Laurie wants her sister to lie down and Ziva stays with them, but they leave by a window.
At another party, Robert Miller, the old boyfriend is located and part of a princess costume is found in the trunk of his Sebring. Miller is dressed as a Star Trek Klingon and speaks to them in Klingon. He denies that he kidnapped Sarah but he did want to know her paternity. A lawyer dressed as a carrot speaks to Gibbs about Millers rights. Miller is brought into interrogation.

Witch Hunt Witch Hunt Witch Hunt
In autopsy, Palmer puts the skeleton into a holding tray while Ducky & Ziva talk over a pot of tea made by Ducky using tea leaves, and not tea bags. Ziva is upset that Laurie got away, but Ducky tells her she is only human and not a 'chimp'. Ducky corrects her and said you mean 'chump'. "Two-thirds of all child abductions are by a biological relative," he adds. Did Laurie kidnap Sarah herself? "You know what they say about a mother bear and her cubs," Ducky reminds Ziva, but she doesn't know, so Ducky continues on to tell her that they eat them when the food runs out. Ducky says he is referring to a mother Bear's protective nature when her cubs are threatened. He adds that there is no deadlier creature on the planet. Ziva tells him how she watched Grizzly Adams with Tony and that the bear ate the girlfriend and man who took the film. "Yes, well, that's perfectly dreadful," Ducky agrees. Ducky was trying to convey to Ziva that Laurie's husband had left her, and another man was claiming paternal rights. Maybe Laurie didn't wanted to share custody of her child. "What does Gibbs think?" asks Ducky. "Hard to tell," replies Ziva. "He's currently not talking to me." "Well, chin up dear. It could be worse." "How?" Ziva asks. "He could be a bear," says Ducky. They both have a giggle while they drink their tea. Ducky tells Ziva how brewed tea leaves make a better pot of tea.

Gibbs finds out that the skeleton was Lee Varon. Abby distracts Tony and McGee again and Gibbs head slaps them back into reality. Varon is found to be a security guard where Laurie Niles works. They believe Laurie hired him to kidnap Sarah, but Gibbs doesn't agree. Varons car is traced through his EZ Pass for speeding through some toll lanes. They trace him to the law firm and McGee finds the two women held hostage. Laurie is using her hand print to verify her identity and is transferring $3 million to the kidnapper. The team break in and rescue the sisters, but Laurie smacks the other women in the mouth and says she isn't her sister. They find Sarah unharmed.
Witch Hunt Witch Hunt Witch Hunt
Back at the bullpen, Sarah is trick or treating with the staff at NCIS. Ducky is helping her and comes out with a Halloween
rhyme. "The sky is blue, the grass is green, may we have our Halloween?" he says in a broad Scottish accent. "Thank you," Sarah says. "You're most welcome, your highness," Ducky responds and bows. With Abby's help, the three have fun trick or treating around all the desks.
Gibbs has a flashback of when Kelly use to go trick or treating.

*****Ducky tells how Halloween originated from Scotland.
*****Ducky says a traditional rhyme to Sarah in a broad Scottish accent.
*****Ducky tells Ziva how some mother bears will sometimes eat their young if they are starving.
*****Ducky informs Tony that the game of golf and Curling originated in Scotland.

****Ducky tells Ziva how making a cup of tea using brewed leaf tea is far better than using tea bags.
****David's music from The Edge Album was used in the video Grand Theft Auto mentioned by McGee.

Episode 7 - SANDBLAST.

Original Air Date - 31 October 2006
NCIS and the Army CID investigate as to why a Marine officer was killed by a bomb on an Army Navy Golf Course. The CIA gives NCIS a lead to an abandoned warehouse. When they get there, they realize its a trap as the warehouse is set to blow up. Gibbs and Mann clear the area to wait for the bomb squad to arrive but Ziva disobeys orders and with Tony beside her, she disarms the bomb in order to protect any evidence. Gibbs was annoyed with Ziva but grateful for the saved evidence, but next time he will 'kick her ass back to Israel." McGee breaks into the secret government files to uncover the terrorist cell and gives Gibbs the name Mamoud Sharif.
Sandblast Sandblast Sandblast
The CIA informants store shows pictures of having been bombed. The informant was also killed. Ducky tells Gibbs the he was burned alive before the bomb dismembered him. The terrorists really wanted to destroy the videotape. NCIS have the video tape and used her lipreading skills to decipher it as there was no sound.
Sandblast Sandblast Sandblast Sandblast
The cell phone revealed a telephone number and this led the team to Georgetown where a similar cell phone has just powered up.

When they reach the area, they find Abraham. He is carrying a bomb in a knapsack which is chained to his wrist. He was expecting to be contacted at 3 pm. Gibbs realizes that the detonator is not the cell phone, but in the knap sack. Gibbs makes conversation with Abraham by a bench and immediately discovers that Abraham is an innocent and honest but slow-witted victim in all of this. Abraham tells Gibbs that the bag was given to him by the CIA informant Mamoun Sharif. Gibbs calls in Ziva to de-activate it. The team watch from a distance away as Ziva does her work as the seconds tick down. Gibbs scans the crowd believing that Sharif is still in the area watching.
Sandblast Sandblast Sandblast Sandblast
TRIVIA - Jethro means Son of God.

Episode 8 - ONCE A HERO.
Original Air Date - 14 November 2006
During a party at a hotel room, a homeless veteran falls from the hotel balcony. The party is full of high ranking officials, and during NCIS's investigation, they discover the body of a young girl who had been apparently assaulted by the veteran. Compromising evidence found in the Marine Veteran's personal belongings makes Gibbs determined to prove the man's innocence. The maintenance man, Ramirez was allowing Wright to stay for free in rooms in the hotels he worked at that were under refurbishing and repairs. McGee informs Gibbs that Wright was on medical leave for the past 4 months after he had received serious shrapnel wounds to his head.
Once A Hero Once A HeroOnce A Hero

While inspecting the dead Marine’s possessions on site, Ducky discovers Wright was missing a shoe, had no wallet, but did have a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart with two Marine Stars (wounded three times in action), indicating that Wright was a recognized soldier if not a war hero.
Once a Hero Once A Hero Once A Hero
While at the hotel inspecting Wright's room, Gibbs receives a phone call to say a deceased Asian women has be found strangled laying on her bed. DNA proves a pubic hair and saliva from the dead girl proved a link with Wright, so they believed the cases to be connected. Abby needs a special piece of equipment, a infrared spectrophotometer, but is refused one by Director Shepard so goes along to a forensics trade show and talks Marty into doing the test for her.
Once a Hero Once A Hero Once A Hero

Ducky meanwhile discovers some unexplained bruising to the girls chest. he also informs Gibbs that she came from a Fuji-an province in China. Agent Michelle Lee comes to the morgue too get Ducky to sign some papers, and after doing so, disappears into a backroom with Jimmy Palmer. Ducky suspects there is something going on and tried to question him. Palmer only says that's the necessity to be in the loo because of a gastrointestinal challenge and he keeps Ducky in conversation while Lee slips out of the room. Ducky remarks to Palmer " that doors don't open and close by themselves." Ducky is told by Gibbs that the girl was part of an organised imported sex trade ring. Ducky tells Gibbs that Wright didn't kill her, he tried to save her by doing CPR.

Once A Hero Once A Hero Once A Hero

Gibbs finds out the pubic hair belonged to Congressional Aide, Frank Getz. He was the killer, as all who come into contact with anthrax were given vaccines, and the pubic hair tested positive for the vaccine. He also had paid for the girls room. Getz gave up his contact name of Davey Chen and Michelle Lee goes undercover to purchase her sister (the dead girl) back. Lee is bugged, and placed with a hidden camera in a hair-clip and takes a suitcase of money with her. Lee's cover is blown, but Jenny recognizes the letters on the building and she is rescued at the other end. They also find a truck load of trafficked Chinese girls. Gibbs is happy to get Lee back, rescue some young girls, and to have vindicated his fellow marine.

Once A Hero Once A Hero Once A Hero


Original Air Date - 21 November 2006
McGee is having trouble trying to write another part to his book when his younger sister Sarah turns up. Her hands are covered in blood and she keeps telling McGee a different story as to what happened. Sara is drunk, and when she tells McGee she murdered someone and can't remember who or why, he becomes very concerned. She seems to have about a four hour black-out as to what events really happened. Meanwhile the stabbed body of USS Enterprise seaman Jeff Petty is found on the Waverly Campus with her cell phone. It is revealed that Petty has dumped Sara the year before for a cheerleader. Gibbs puts a trace on her cell and McGee becomes silence when questioned. Clues mount up against Sara or perhaps it was an accident? She goes to the library and gives McGee's novel - writing to the team. McGee puts his own job on the line and breaks the rules trying to help Sarah without knowledge of it to Gibbs.
Twisted Sister Twisted Sister
Ducky and Palmer are late due to parking problems because it is homecoming. He realizes that McGee isn't there and tells Gibbs he thought he saw him in the parking lot. Tony thinks he is mistaken, but Gibbs looks around but doesn't see him. After Ducky uses the liver probe, he tells Gibbs the time of death was about 10 -12 hours ago. Ziva calls out that there are ten more bodies....all goldfish. McGee watches the team from a distance and then runs off to his cat and drives off unseen.
The deceased is identified as Seaman Jeff Petty. Ducky says he doesn't envy such a job about informing the family of a deceased person, and he reminisces about when he was an officer with the Regiment. Twice he had been called upon to do such a duty. Ducky says he much prefers combat to doing that job, and he is relieved that he is not required to have to do that task. He begins to dissect one of the gold fish found at the scene. Gibbs asks about the time the goldfish died, but Ducky doesn't know. Ziva says asphyxiation, but Ducky smiles at her so she says suffocation....overfeeding? Ducky says the right answer is nicotine poisoning. Abby proves that theory but the question is how did the goldfish get into the nicotine. Ducky tells Gibbs that the Petty Officer died from being stabbed most likely with a combat knife. Gibbs wants Ziva to tell Tony to keep looking as a knife wasn't found at the scene, but Ziva tells Gibbs that Tony has gone home ill with the permission of the Director. Ducky is quite amused by the back and forth banter. Gibbs is annoyed and starts to leave, but Ducky says "I'm not done, Gibbs." "Make it fast, Dr Mallard." The body was killed on the scene, and there were no drugs in his system, he was a model sailor, and there was no DNA to identify anyone. Gibbs says then he may well have known his killer.
Twisted Sister Twisted Sister
McGee tries for awhile to convince his sister Sarah to go to NCIS and talk to Gibbs. Sarah says she doesn't remember, and she had been drinking and doesn't know where the blood come from on her hands. McGee goes to his bedroom to get his cell but Sarah leaves while he is in there.
Gibbs is annoyed with Jenny Shepard for letting Tony go home ill. Jenny is helping Abby in her lab and Abby remarks: "The kids don't like it when mommy and daddy fight." Abby gets the calls off off the cell found at the scene, and to Gibbs surprise, McGee answers the phone. Gibbs asks him why he is answering the cell on his dead body. McGee says its his sister Sarah's phone. He's looking for her. Gibbs and McGee meet in the elevator and have a conversation about Sarah. McGee apologizes to Gibbs which is accepted. In the bullpen, Gibbs says Sarah is there only suspect but McGee corrects him and says - witness.
Evidence mounts up against Sarah, but McGee insists she is innocent and there must be another reason.
Gibbs is interviewing Heather, one of the homecoming queens, who was supposed to meet Petty Officer Petty but she said he never showed up. She had sent him a threatening e-mail: accusing him of 'getting his spinach elsewhere." suggests Tony. Madison, the head cheerleader is unhappy with a malfunctioning water gun so McGee goes to fix it when he notices the empty fish tank. Heather tells Gibbs that the jealous b*t*h Sarah McGee sent her threatening emails as well as trashing her in a blog. Gibbs is confused as he doesn't know what a blog is. Sarah is found is found in the library and arrested and taken back to NCIS for questioning. In the elevator, Sarah tells them about McGee's book and that Ziva must be Lisa, and Tony must be Tommy. Abby finds the murder weapon in the cab that Sarah had been in. Sarah has a flashback about the blood and the knife. She still says she is innocent. McGee says she must of been drugged, but evidence says otherwise.He gets all upset in Jenny's office and turns in his gun and badge. Gibbs follows him and head-slaps him when he catches up with him.He puts McGee's badge and gun in his draw, tells him not to be so easily manipulated and throws his own Deep Six book at him and tells him to sit down and read a book.
Sarah cries as Gibbs asks her questions. McGee bursts in and tells Gibbs Abby has evidence for him. She says the cab floor smelt like nilosorb which is industrial strength vomit cleaner. She also found the remains to be of a pizza with was cheese-less, but had pickles, Tabasco sauce and peanut butter on it...and there was evidence of the date rape drug GBH. The mystery of the goldfish was that the little fish were swimming in a bag with a nicotine patch in it and it had sprung a leak. Gibbs tells her to ask Ducky.

Ducky says to Abby when she calls his name, "Yes, my little lotus blossom." Abby asks "Gibbs wants to know the time of death of the goldfish." Ducky replies that as being cold blooded, temperature is useless in determining the time of death. But they died about the same time as the victim.
Twisted Sister Twisted Sister
Tony has run security footage from the food court and manages to lock up the computer so Gibbs asks him to go and get McGee. In the meantime, Gibbs asks Ziva what a 'clog' is...a shoe or a blocked drain." she replies. "On the Internet," Gibbs replies. Ziva replies she thought that was a blog. Gibbs asks her to find it as Sarah has written a blog trashing the cheerleaders and asks her to look for it.
Tony and McGee return to campus just as a practised pyramid falls down. Madison tells the group of girls she is giving up smoking and peels off a nicotine patch as she walks away. Tony arrests her and Sarah slaps her in the face. "That was for spiking my peanut butter"...and slaps her again..."And that's for setting me up to be raped." Madison says she was framed, but Tony tells her they have her fingerprints on the peanut jar and footage of her leaving the food court with Officer Tate. Heather is shocked to learn that Madison killed Jeff. Madison says that Tate killed him and that she was just using him to get back at Sarah for the blog. Tate got carried away, and Jeff came to Sarah's aid when Tate tried to rape her.

Episode 10 - SMOKED.
(By #1Hotchfan & Bellswebster)
Original Air Date - 28 November 2006
The FBI try to take over an NCIS case when a Marines body falls out of a smoke stack on a Marine Base. The mummified man is found out to be a wanted serial killer. The family is visited and the team discover something shocking. McGee lets it slip that he has written a book about them but has used fictional characters. Ducky and Gibbs have words over Gibbs' lack of explanation on his return to NCIS from Mexico.
Gibbs enters and wants to know why there is no ID on the victim, and Ducky tells him its his fault due to a faulty TOD. Tony says that the body has been deceased for about 5 or 6 months, not 3 or 4 months as first thought. Ducky quickly corrects him, telling him it was YEARS not months, because it was most likely preserved by the smoke generated furnace.
Smoked Smoked Smoked
Abby gets a positive on the corpse's fingerprints, but the AFIS system denies them access and starts deleting files.
Abby informs Gibbs that the hackers of the files is the FBI, but Gibbs already knew because he has an old friend named FBI Special Agent Tobias Fornell, who has already laid claim to picking up the body.

Jenny Shepard is watching surveillance of some foreign operatives leaving a small private jet and entering the USA at an airport. She tells Tony to mark the bags with GPS devices, without Gibbs knowing. A small camera that Tony weaves around gets them pictures of people from the plane.
Ducky and Palmer are examining the body and are surprised to find a human toe in his stomach. Fornell says that the body is of a cannibal serial killer that the FBI had been tracking for over ten years. The murder's trademark was to gnaw off the toes from the left feet of his victims. Fornell identifies the body as Charles Bright, who disappeared about seven months. The team get an address and go to visit after Special Agent Michell Lee gives them a search warrant.
Smoked Smoked Smoked
Gibbs and Fornell visit Brights wife Amy. They have two children and Fornell is shocked when he sees Amy as she is the exact same looking as all the deceased victims. Bone fragments are found in their backyard and Gibbs believes that Charles was murdered. The FBI begin digging, and McGee wonders why Gibbs let them take over. Gibbs' reply was "We're letting then do our manual work." The FBI uncover several more bodies. Ducky arrives but declines to offer a TOD on bare skeletons and then starts to tell a story of how he, Gibbs, and Jenny Shephard had a french warrant for their arrest, after Ducky had pushed a French Officer off a 60 feet cliff..."with a lake at the bottom." he added. He continued to say how he and Gibbs had escaped on a small sailboat. They were now fugitives until a fairly new, young agent persuaded the French authorities to drop the charges. Jenny had been the one who procured the boat. A coldness that had developed between him and Gibbs had now started to thaw. Gibbs and Fornell re-question Amy and she cries and denies that her husband could of been the murderer.
Ducky and Gibbs have a heart to heart about Ducky's feelings of animosity towards Gibbs. Ducky tells him that "since your return I've been acting like..." "An ass?" Gibbs asks. Ducky explains that his feelings were hurt that he didn't tell him goodbye when he quit even though he had given him a ride home, nor did he tells him of his deceased family.
Gibbs gets up from behind his desk and goes over to face Ducky. "You know how I feel about apologies, Ducky. It's a sign of weakness, but not between friends. I'm sorry Ducky." "There is something I should have said months ago," Ducky replies, puting out his hand..."Welcome home." Gibbs hugs him and whispers "Thanks" in Ducky's ear.
Smoked Smoked
Fornell arrives with a Justice Department Order and wants Jenny & Gibbs to turn the body over to them. Ducky calls Gibbs and tells him that he has the cause of death. Fornell jokes to Gibbs about his moustache, has it been put away in a box.
They all go to autopsy and Ducky points out to Fornell on a CT scan that the body has several abdominal punctures done with either an ice pick or a Philips-head screwdriver. He had missed it at first due to the shrinkage of the tissues from the 'smoking' of the body. He says that the man was murdered on a marine base placing the case as an NCIS concern. Gibbs dispatches everyone to find out who wanted Charles Bright dead. Ducky tells Fornell and Gibbs that the bodies recovered from the Bright house had no identifiable TOD. Ducky evaluated the deceased man's profile and said he most likely knew his killer, which then points to his wife because Bright would have had connections at the middle school where he was working. Amy Bright worked there as a part-time teacher before they married.
Abby goes to see Marty, the forensic botanist. She asks him to evaluate the growth of a bush's roots, which were found through the skeleton remains that was found in Brights backyard.
Smoked Smoked
Amy Bright is brought back in for questioning and admits she killed Charles to protect her family. Amy reveals she has toes missing from her own left foot which sealed the case against Charles. They were convinced until Abby comes in and says that Marty has said that the bodies were recently buried, less than 5 years ago, meaning that Charles was not the serial killer. Amy Bright is then determined as the serial killer...but what about the toe in Charles stomach?

*****Ducky and Gibbs mend their friendship.
*****Ducky has worked with Gibbs for over 10 years and he felt very hurt when he found out that Gibbs hadn't told him of the murder of his family.
*****Ducky tells the story about pushing a French officer off a 60 foot cliff to the water below.
*****The team find out about McGee bokks which he denies is based on them.

Episode 11- DRIVEN.
Original Air Date - 12 December 2006
(Synopsis)The Department of Defense built a specifically prototype vehicle named 'Otto' which takes the life of a Navy Lieutenant with the release of monoxide poisoning which was set to be released on ignition of the car. The doors lock themselves preventing anyone from inside the vehicle escaping. Abby nearly looses her own life when the door locking of the vehicle isn't known until she becomes caught inside herself. Without knowing this, it is thought at first that the Navy Lieutenant committed suicide.

Driven Driven Driven
Lt. Navy Roni Seabrook is testing a robotic Hummer for a demonstration. The developers are hoping for a guaranteed contract for Capital needed to get the project off the ground. She does a series of vocal commands for the car and records her findings on her laptop. After parking the car and leaving, the seat-belt appears to set off a chain of events. It tightens up against her, the doors lock, the windows roll up and then the car emits fumes into the interior. As she is pinned in her seat, she cannot reach the turn off switch and she is gassed.
The team are attending a required sexual harassment class which is being presented by a rather humourless person. She explains to the class that there are personal colour codes such as green, yellow and red. Abby asks if she has to ask permission to hug someone. Tony wants to know if it is inappropriate to head slap someone. She is even taken back more when Palmer asks if it is all right to touch naked dead people. When the speaker is addressing the red light behaviour Ziva sticks her tongue in Tony's ear. The team are then called out to the Department of Defense's laboratory.
The team meet the Project Manager Dr. Russell Pike and an arrogant German named Torsten Engler who is an associate of Lt. Seabrook. The team are told about their mechanic Jamie Jones who had a violent scene which was captured on camera, with the Lieutenant the night before, making him a suspect. Checking the tapes only revealed they had been wiped clean.
When they arrive at Lt. Seabrooks place they find her boyfriend Jamie Jones tied up to her bed. He said the roughness was just part of their role play. He is shocked when he finds out she is dead.

Ziva is concerned about Tony as he has been spending time away and at the hospital and she wonders if he is having medical problems from previously having the plaque.
McGee and Abby work out that the assembly computer code had a small bit added to it's BIOS system that runs 'Otto.' It would instruct the car to do the sequences that happened at the Department of Defense's laboratory.
While McGee listens to the MP3 files recorded by the lieutenant, Abby gets trapped inside the car and almost dies as the car regenerates the same sequence as it did for Lt. Seabrook. Fortunately Gibbs arrived in the lab in time to save Abby.

Driven Driven Driven Driven
Meanwhile, Dr. Pike uses remote control to take back the car from the evidence basement. The team track it down and finds the chip gone. Using the remote control to the DOD subcontractors site, they are able to track the car. It is then thought that the German Engler is the murderer. But once caught Pike admits he killed Lt. Seabrook, but it was a mistake as she was suppose to have the morning off and it was Engler who was his target. He didn't want control-freak Engler becoming their control-freak Boss as he has controlling interests in the company.

Episode 12 - SUSPICION.
Original Air Date -16 December 2006
NCIS investigate the murder of a high-level Intelligence Officer found murdered in a hotel room. As they investigate, it is found out that the local town authorities have already 'investigated" the crime. The Marine had been dead for 3 days but NCIS were only just informed about it. Gibbs takes the investigation further without the help of the local authorities as he thinks it could be related to a terrorist cell. A man staying at a motel goes outside only dressed in a towel to get something. On returning to his room he finds himself locked out and has to call out to his next door neighbour for help. As he waits on another neighbours door mat, as he is about to leave, he feels something wet and sticky under his bare feet. When he looks down he sees a blood soaked mat.

Suspicion Suspicion Suspicion Suspicion

Tony and McGee are at the plasma screen and argue over the location of a small town, which can’t seem to be found. Gibbs arrives and Tony tells him the town must be in the "boondocks, Boss". Gibbs replies, "Pack a toothbrush". Ziva asks the meaning of "boondocks", and Tony and McGee explain to her by singing "ba-dar, bar-bar ba-rbar bar-bar- baaarrr" at each other in a rendition of “Duelling Banjos”. They head off to the small town where it has been report that a Marine Lieutenant, Rihama Shaheen has been found dead in a motel room. Until 6 months ago, Lt. Shaheen, an Iraqi, had been serving military intelligence in Iraq.
Ducky arrives with the others to collect the body. They all arrive at the police and introduce themselves. Gibbs is anxious to get to the crime scene, but Sherriff Tom Barrett, and his local cop and brother, Deputy Tyler Barrett, point out that it has already been cleared. Gibbs' team are shocked, and the Sherriff says there must have been some brake down in communication. He tells them they had already processed the crime scene three days ago. The body was a Jane Doe until a fingerprint result came back with an ID that warranted them to call NCIS. The autopsy has already been done as well as the forensics. The only good news was that they had a suspect. Gibbs asks "When did you plan on telling me that?" and Sherriff Barrett replies, "I did, just now".

Ruby Rae, the local forensic officer who seems quite inexperienced on homicide cases, as this is her first one, gives them all the details, to which she says are "all my results are in the report." Gibbs is sceptical, and Ruby tells them that the body had two bullets but she could only find one shell casing. McGee is very sympathetic towards her and takes her reporting more seriously.
They are told the prime suspect is Masoud Tariq, an Iraqi man who recently moved to the town and is now missing. Gibbs wants to inspect Tarig’s empty house. He and Ziva find evidence of a dismantled mobile phone and explosive liquids. “I think we just found ourselves a bomb factory,” Ziva says. McGee processes everything in Tariq's garage. Gibbs doesn’t allow Ruby to help but she offers good advice to McGee like not forgetting to “check for bomb chemicals in pockets, because bombers forget to keep their hands out of their pockets”. Tony is happy as Gibbs sends him back to Washington DC to find more information about Tarig. Tony's double life as an NCIS agent and being Jeanne's boyfriend is starting to get to him.
Gibbs finds out that the whole town was suspicious of Tariq, including his neighbour, who has photographs of Tarig’s meeting with two other Arab men. Tony reports back that Tarig is a former member of the Republican Guard and is living under an assumed name.
Suspicion Suspicion Suspicion
When Masoud Tarig drives up to his house and sees the officers waiting for him, he panic’s and tries to make a run for it. Sheriff Barrett and his Deputy-brother open fire despite Gibbs’s calls not to, and Tarig is wounded in the shoulder.

After hospital treatment, Tarig explains that he had been deer hunting and only tried to run because he was scared. Deputy Barrett has a racist go at Tariq and makes comments about how he should be with his seventy virgins by now, and he tells him that Islam is a screwed up religion. Ziva is offended and defends Tarig and demands an apology. She tells him "When you insult his religion, you insult mine, and your own."
Tariq denies knowing anything about bomb-making equipment and he tells Gibbs about his wife and daughter who died in Iraq. “I’ve seen enough bombs,” he says. He tells Gibbs that he worked as an informant for the US military in Iraq and in return was given a passport and a new life in the United States.
McGee confirms Tarig’s innocence and tells them that the bomb-making equipment was planted after the house was first searched. “Someone’s setting him up, Boss,” The fingerprint powder residue he found is Ruby's powder, which is a different colour from the NCIS powder. Using Ruby's idea about the pockets, McGee asks Deputy Tyler to remove his trousers and he finds in the pockets the explosive residue. Deputy Tyler Barrett is the one who framed Tarig with the explanation that, “I was just getting him before he got us.”

Tarig explains that he knew the murdered Shaheen as she was his case officer who brought him to the US. Shaheen had recently contacted him because she was investigating two other Iraqis who were granted US passports at the same time. These are the two men who were photographed with Tariq. They visited him to try and find out what he had told the US military. Tariq said he had lied and told the men that he had been passing on bad information. The two men had been passing on bad Intel to the Americans.
Gibbs focuses on the two unidentified Iraqis. It would seem that unlike Tarig, they were of little use to the US military, so why were they rewarded with US passports? Shaheen was investigating the same mystery when she was killed, and Gibbs wonders if she got to close to finding the truth.

Abby re-processes Ruby's forensic evidence, and she explains to Gibbs that there are two different shooters as the bullets seem to have been of two different velocities. McGee rings Ruby and says to her “Get down to D.C.”
Ruby arrives and prepares a demonstration of her hypothesis about the two bullets. She tells them about the two velocities and the one shooter and about the one missing shell casing. She explains that one bullet had an oily residue which made it go ‘phutzz’, but the second bullet worked and blasted the bad bullet out of the chamber. The bad bullet was slow but the good bullet was fast which made a two-for-one shot. Ruby says that she would say that the shooter would have an injured hand because the barrel of the gun would have exploded.
Suspicion Suspicion Suspicion

Gibbs calls for the commanding officer of Lt Sheehan to be brought into interrogation. He is asked to remove his glove, revealing an injured hand. He tells Gibbs and McGee that he had "an accident" over the weekend. He is shown the ammunition box from his garage which has the same oily residue that Ruby found.
Major Bradley Raines confesses and tells them that the other two Iraqis paid him half a million dollars for the rewards to get into the US. They were rich kids wanting to get away from their home for their own life. He said he killed Shaheen because she was investigating and getting to close to finding out he was taking bribes which would have ruined his career.

Ziva and Gibbs check out the other two Iraqis. Gibbs realizes that for people who were rich and wanting a good life in America, that their home wasn’t very expensive looking. The two walk carefully down the side of their house to find three people running a bomb-making factory. Not only that, their garage walls are adorned with terrorist slogans, which Ziva could read

Episode 13 - SHARIF RETURNS.
Original Air Date - 23 January 2007
A terrorist who terrorized Georgetown by planting a bomb at a Golf club and an empty warehouse. (Sandblast episode) has returned with 10 kg of BZ gas to be used as a chemical weapon. A Marine is used as a trial victim for the test of the chemicals, and he the Marine is found with a missing eye. The room he was in was locked so the question was how did he die? Ducky said that the missing eye wasn't the cause of death. The room is found to be rigged with a CCTV camera. It is found to viewed by someone via the Internet from a bowling alley. NCIS raid the place but find only Mann and her team there. Tony is absent as he has gone to be with Jeannie. He sees the poisoning news on her laptop screen and cancels the 'we have just made up' bath they had planed together.
In the autopsy room, Ducky does an autopsy and tells the history of glass eyes to the dead Marine. When Gibbs and Tony arrive, Ducky tells them that the man died from hypothermia, but it seems that the Marine didn't suffer any of the conditions that would of affected his body temperature control, and he had worked on nuclear, biological and chemical warfare control. Ducky found the eyeball that was missing in the Marines stomach
, and that the 10 mg of the poison used on him was applied with a topical application like sunscreen or body oil. Gibbs and Lt. Mann leave to go to Abby's lab while Ducky is still talking. Ducky comments to Tony that he knows that "Gibbs always likes to get his man, but the two seem unusually motivated."

Sharif Returns Sharif Returns
Gibbs and Lt. Mann are at Gibbs' house talking while Gibbs works on his boat. Mann asks: "Where's the boat?" Gibbs replied:" I moved it." Mann has brought them a takeaway dinner, and as they eat, Gibbs takes about Sharif's motivation and says he doesn't think its for money. He says "People get older, realise they want something different" Mann asks: "And you can tell this just by looking at someones eyes? OK, what do you see in my eyes?" Gibbs: "You want me to kiss you" Mann: "And will you?" Gibbs:"Yes, as soon as we find Sharif" Mann: "That is probably a good idea." Gibbs:"Really, 'cause I was hoping you wouldn't say that."
The phone rings and its Sharif. He tells Gibbs he has the BZ Gas, and unless the Chechen prisoners are released, he will release more of the gas. As he speaks, Gibbs looks at the TV news to hear that 6 people have reported falling sick. Sharif, listening on the other end of the phone, then says "actually, counting you, it's 7."

Ducky checks over Gibbs and Mann and finds nothing wrong at that time.
Sharif Returns

Director Jenny, Lt. Mann and Gibbs discover that Sharif worked for the same pest control company that all victims used. Sharif has taken a truck-mounted sprayer that could be adapted for a small aircraft, making it easier to spray and spread the poison. Gibbs has a flashback to the Hiatus bombing of the ship. Jen asks if is he all right and Gibbs says he is, but Jenny thinks otherwise.
Sharif Returns
They find out that Sharif has been withdrawing a lot of money from different banks and Tony says that the government had lowered the threshold to $5k just last month. Sharif had withdrawn the money in $1 notes. It is then realized that the poison was being sprayed on the money. Gibbs has in the meanwhile becoming more ill. It is apparent that the poison has been sprayed on Gibbs tools in his basement.
Sharif is traced by a WiFi. They go to where he is at Union Station and Gibbs pursues him even though he is getting sicker
. He chases Sharif into the men's room but Gibbs collapses and he is about to be shot by Sharif but Mann shoots Sharif first. Team waits with Gibbs for the National Guard to arrive with an antidote.
Sharif Returns

In the meantime, McGee and Abby found out that the money for the chemical was a wire transfer and done by the engineer at the chemical lab where the BZ gas went missing. He in bought in for interrogation by Mann and Gibbs The engineer tells them that he framed the Major to look like the one who stole the nerve gas, because he wanted to scare the public. This would hopefully get the share price of his company to go up. He had doctored the gas so that it wouldn't affect anyone by air.

*****Ducky talks to the dead Marine and tells him about glass eyes.

Episode 14 - BLOWBACK.
Original Air Date - 6 February 2007
NCIS catch Harrow, an international arms dealer. NCIS find out that the Navy's highly classified weapons system will be sold to "La Grenouille," an important arms dealer. To stop this from happening, the team decide to ask Ducky to take Harrows place as he is around the same age. But in the mean time, another government agency appears to be working on the same case. Jenny Shephard has been after this certain suspect for 10 years. She has had Tony on a secret mission and at last the plans are going to fall into place. Ducky agrees to go undercover and helps Jenny out by pretending to be Harrow. He takes the ARES Hardware to "La Grenouille" aka The Frog. Tony sees a photo that Harrow has and identifies secretively to Jenny that the other operative is Trent Kort.
Blowback Blowback Blowback
Ziva and DiNozzo are hidden nearby as snipers to protect Dr Mallard. They are to shoot "La Grenouille", who is believed to be the man in the photograph in Harrow's e-mail. Dr Mallard passes a checkpoint by one of the "La Grenouille's" henchmen where he is then directed to a jet. A scruffy-looking man (Trent Kort) also seen in the photograph appears. Dr Mallard has a tiny transceiver in one of his ears, and listens to instructions from the NCIS team. They tell him to give the ARES hardware to the man's female assistant for testing. After it is examined and proved as being genuine, the man makes a signal with a sweeping motion using his cellphone light. "La Grenouille" steps out of the shadows. He is then sure that Dr Mallard is Harrow and offers him a drink of 20 year old Cognac. After they share the drink they both leave the car, and "La Grenouille" begins to board the jet. Jenny Shepard is about to order Ziva and DiNozzo to shoot him, when a phone call quickly changes her mind, and she tells them to wait. The scruffy looking man steps from the jet and gives Dr Mallard a bag of diamonds as payment. Suddenly, he pulls the NCIS transceiver from Dr Mallard's ear. He speaks into it and asks if NCIS got the message. Jenny acknowledges that they did. The man returning to the jet turns out to be the CIA operative.
Jenny pours the diamonds from the bag onto her desk just as Gibbs enters her office, and she tells him that ARES had now been rendered useless by a computer virus.

Blowback Blowback Blowback

Original Air Date - 13 February 2007
A young couple sneak into an abandoned restaurant in an abandoned part of town where they met 10 years earlier. As the man is proposing to his girlfriend, he sees the maggot ridden body of a dead sailor. NCIS works with local officers believing that the man died of an unintentional drug overdose, but when evidence uncovers a different scenario, it turns into a murder investigation. Tony takes an interest in a local detective, John, who is working on the case.
Meanwhile, Abby discovers a message written in blood on a laminated card found at the crime scene. Jimmy Palmer continues his relationship with Agent Michelle Lee.
Friends and Lovers Friends and Lovers Friends and Lovers
At the crime scene, Ducky estimates that the sailor has been dead for about 4 or 5 days.
Later back at autopsy, Ducky informs Gibbs that the sailor ingested a poison as a liquid. It would of been so bitter that booze would have had to disguise it. Ducky scolds the deceased man for having lived an unhealthy life. The note found on the body said to expect more and a few cases of the spiked booze could be used to wipe out a club. Ducky wonders if a woman could be involved, as he thought women prefer to use poison? Ducky: "Poison has been the weapon of choice for women for centuries, except they tend to hide in food rather than drink." Gibbs: "Gibbs replies: "That would explain why my last ex-wife spent so much time in the kitchen." After Gibbs and Ducky leave, Jimmy Palmer and Agent Lee emerge from a love-in on the lower shelf of an autopsy table. Agent Lee quickly leaves, and Palmer just lays back with a satisfied smile.
A discussion about a club in the office of the local cops say they have no basis for a search warrant. No-one can place the sailor inside the club, and the Metro Police insist on a warrant, doing it by the rulebook.
McGee uses his pen name Thom E. Gemcity to get into the club. He has Abby, Lee and Ziva dressed appropriately as "his partners". Luckily for him the bouncer at the club's door is a fan of "Deep Six" and allows them in.
In the office, Gibbs prints out a picture of a boot footprint and asks the team if they have read Mad Magazine. McGee says he did until his mother burned all his copies. Abby understands what Gibbs is saying, and she realizes that the print is like the back cover in the Mad Magazine. She tunes it into a three-fold concertina, and got a different image. This one read Dead *****. So therefore the shoe print is a message from the serial killer. John, the local cop asks: "Shouldn't that mean that the dead sailor is a *****?
The Metro cops in the surveillance van see the woman they are after in the back alley. The club owner approaches her so the cops begin their move. The woman is asking the owner for money, but he argues with her for allowing the sailor into the business. The woman tells him how the sailor was trying to kill her, using poison. The owner tells her that killing the sailor is what saved her. She threatens to tell the cops everything if he doesn't give her the money. He pushes her around, and she retracts about going to the cops. He disagrees and says she will soon blab her mouth the first time she gets picked up so he kills her by snapping her neck. Tony and the cops now begin a shoot out and the owner is shot dead. John, the cop, asks Tony if they hit her, but Tony says no, she was already dead, and then he collapses and dies with a bullet in the chest.
Later in Jeanne's apartment, while Tony is asleep, Jeanne is checking her email. She finds 3 from her ex-boyfriend and opens the latest email. The message reads: I get it now Jeanne. Wont bug you again. Goodbye love.. She opens an attached photo and finds a happy Jeanne and John, the local cop. As Jeannie was unaware of John working with Tony, and Tony unaware of John and Jeannie, she doesn't react. She hits the delete button.
Friends and lovers Friends and Lovers Friends and Lovers

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